Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week in Review: Training Week 1

First, I simply have to get this off my chest. 

I CANNOT FLIPPIN' BELIEVE THAT I AM FLIPPIN' TRAINING FOR A FLIPPIN' HALF MARATHON. Seriously. Who am I? This is not the real me. The only logical explanation is that I was sucked into a wormhole and deposited into an alternate universe. Only. Logical. Explanation.

Okay, now that THAT's cleared up...

My first week of half mary training is complete! I believe it went fairly well. I know it's only going to get tougher from here!

Sunday: 30 minute strength
Monday: 3 mile run, 38 minutes (11:48 pace)
Tuesday: 30 minutes balance/leg strength
Wednesday: 60 minutes of cardio via DVD
Thursday: 2.5 mile run, 27 minutes (10:39 pace)
Friday: REST
Saturday: 4 mile run, 44 minutes (11:00 pace)

One week down, 11 more to go.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on finishing your first week. It seems daunting from theis point but pretty soon race day will be here and you will be finishing a 1/2 marathon. It is a crazy good empowering feeling to do! Best of luck.