Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Take my MIL. Please!

My mother-in-law (whom I adore--don't let the title of this post fool you) has been visiting the past few days, which is great because she's been able to stay home with Belly (my 3yo daughter) during these past two snow days.

However, her visit brings with it an unfortunate side effect: Lack of intense exercise + an increase of roughly 10,000 calories/day from her delicious cooking = blob. A big, lazy, blechy blob. Between the perfect-for-carb-loading chicken & dumplings last night and the fact that she hasn't met a stick of butter she didn't like, my waistline is suffering. I did manage to exercise Saturday and Sunday, but yesterday was a near-failure thanks to the 6 inches of snow that fell. I shoveled while Belly played outside, but that meant no time for "real" exercise. And did I mention last night was chicken & dumpling night? Oy.

I weighed myself to get a (love?)handle on the damage. 186.4 naked, pre-breakfast, which is when I'm my lightest. Ugh. I'd finally gotten myself back under 185 on Sunday, so that's two pounds up in 4 days. Blech.

So tonight is punishment both for the caloric excess and the exercise decrease--I'll meet Mr. Bob Harper for an hour's worth of intense cardio training via DVD. Not sure what dinner will be at this point. None of the items left on our planned menu are particularly healthy, so I might just have to employ the dreaded PORTION CONTROL. Dunh-dunh-DUNHHHH! And I probably should stay away from the cookies, huh? Anyway, I hope MIL is okay with me diving right into exercise when I get home. I know Belly is used to it--that's our usual routine on her regular school days. But I don't know if MIL will expect to be entertained (jazz hands!) after a boring day at the house.

MIL goes home tomorrow. The family will miss her. My waistline won't.

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