Monday, February 28, 2011

Week in Review: Training Week 5

Hey, I'm actually posting my training recap before the middle of the following week! I. Am. AWE-some.

And away we go!
  • Sunday--Does bowling count as exercise? :P
  • Monday--4 mile treadmill run 46 mins (approx?) 11:30 pace--Terrible treadmill run. I had to stop and walk a few times and almost quit twice. It was just no good. And I accidentally hit the emergency stop button so I lost all my stats halfway through. Sigh. I was glad when it was over.
  • Tuesday--No clue. Nothing on DailyMile, so I guess it's another missed workout...
  • Wednesday--Run Club! 3.82 miles, 40 mintues (10:35 pace). That was a FAST run. I tried keeping up with the fast runners, and managed to stay within a 1/2 block or so. We clocked the first mile at right around 10 minutes, which is super crazy fast for me and would explain why I was DYYYING. The second mile was about the same, and then times dropped off after that. But overall all am I happy with this run. Heck-to-the-yeah.
  • Thursday--LPRD Spin Class, 40 mintues: Our regular teacher was out, so we had a sub. She was fine, but different and you know how that goes. Is the class "meh" because the instructor wasn't as good or simply because the instructor was different? It was a bit more aerobics-y/choreographed than what I was used to, but I did get a good workout and I suppose that's all that matters.
  • Friday--Rest Day
  • Saturday--Long run got punted to Sunday because of weather issues. You'll read about it next week!
All in all a good week. Some good runs, some not-so-good. Still missing workouts during the week, which has to stop. Part of it is lack of motivation on my part, but another factor is how to arrange it when I have to move my long run day to Sunday.

Take this week, for instance. I should've done my long run on Saturday, started a new week yesterday with strength/stretch and done a 4-miler today. But because I switched Sat/Sun on the schedule I did my long run yesterday, which meant I wasn't real keen on doing another 4 miles today (my legs were stiff and sore), even if it had been possible with the Hubster's schedule. So, I've already lost 4 miles this week or everything is shifted around and I might be running on back-to-back days at some point. It's a logistical nightmare. I can't seem to figure out how to flip workouts around and still keep miles without doing back-to-back runs, so I inevitably drop the strength workouts. I guess I'd rather keep the miles at this point? It's a struggle and I'm not sure I'm doing it "right."

How do you handle scheduling hiccups? When training for a specific event, do you think it's more important to hit the mileage each week (even if it means dropping other workouts and rearranging days) or is it better to skip a shorter run in order to keep a strength workout?

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