Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week in Review: Training Week 4

Yikes. I almost finished this week before posting last week's recap. Without further ado...

I will start by saying I KNOW my strength training has completely fallen off the map, and I'm disappointed in myself letting it happen. I don't have any legit reasons, other than the usual excuses: I'm tired, I'm busy, I didn't feel like it, life got in the way, etc. The bottom line is that I NEED to make it happen. I know it's essential for training purposes (or it wouldn't be in the plan) and I also feel better when I'm strength training.
  • Sunday: 5 Miles! 5 Miles! 57 Mintues (11:21 pace) The weather was absolutely perfect for a run, especially for my first real "long" run. The run started out rough, however, and I felt queasy for the first mile or so. Once that passed, I was utterly enjoying myself and felt like I breezed through it. I never thought I'd say that about a run, let alone a 5 mile run! It was a great way to start the week!
  • Monday: No workout posted, which makes since because I'd just done my long run the day before. But still--boo!
  • Tuesday: Two strength workouts: Legs/core, upper body
  • Wednesday: 4.11 miles, 44:31 minutes (10:49ish pace) My notes say that it was not the smoothest run for me. My legs were tired and heavy (maybe too many leg exercises the day before) and I felt sluggish the whole time. However, I see that my time was pretty good and my notes say that my first two miles were done in 20:30, which is fast for me. So maybe I was just pushing myself harder than usual?
  • Thursday: LPRD Spin, 45 minutes. A killer, killer class. Lots of sprints and concentrated leg work. Good times!
  • Friday: Rest day!
  • Saturday: 5 miles, 55 minutes (10:58ish pace): Again, the run was not pleasant. I don't recall enjoying this one very much, but look at my time. I'm starting to see a direct correlation between miserable runs and better times. I know it's a matter of pushing myself, but I also want to enjoy myself out there. And maybe it's because the longer distances are a challenge (it would certainly make sense anyway). I guess the good news is I'm still doing them, challenging or not!
Another week done!

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