Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm woefully behind on blogging, and I even have a draft sitting in the hopper waiting to be posted. Of course it's old now, and will need revising. Ah hell, maybe I'll post it anyway. And I owe you a weekly recap for LAST week. Egads. But quickly--QUICKLY...

I registered for my first sprint triathlon today! I'll be participating in the YWCA of Minneapolis Women's Sprint Tri with my three far-flung BFFs: B, L and M. I'm nervous and excited, but mostly just excited. Right now anyway. Of course I still have to complete my half mary, and a 5K and a 12K before THAT. And probably another in July, to repeat the first 5K I ever completed. So, lots to keep me busy until August.

And now to break it to the Hubster why there's a $100 charge on the card. La-di-da!

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