Monday, February 14, 2011

Week in Review: Training Week 3

Another week has FLOWN by. Whooooosh. It was a pretty good week overall, but I had a few training hiccups. However, temperatures have started creeping upwards, which is SO nice. The snow has started melting, days are getting longer, and weather is cooperating for outdoor running.

  • Sunday: Leg/balance workout, and some extra stretching
  • Monday: Treadmill flat run, 3.5 miles, 40ish minutes (11:17 pace): Was having a great run and probably could've done more, but I was already over my time on the treadmill. Feels good to have GREAT treadmill runs--never thought THAT would happen!
  • Tuesday: Cross-training--Jillian Michaels' 6 Week 6 Pack. Ow.
  • Wednesday: 2.4 miles, 25 minutes (10.18 pace!): Man, this was SUCH a great run up until they kicked everyone out of the cardio room for a class. I was FLYING and felt phenomenal. So frustrating to have to quit right when things are getting good. Went home and did 15 minutes of upper body to make up a little bit of the lost workout.
  • Thursday: Ugh. Another "lost" workout! Supposed to be spin night, but class was cancelled and I didn't know until I got there. However, I did discover the cardio room at the third city rec center and they have six treadmills and six bikes, including two that are more "spin" style. Ended up doing a 20 minute stationary bike routine. Better than nothing.
  • Friday: Rest day.
  • Saturday: Supposed to be my long run, but ended up punting that until Sunday (will include on next week's report) because the hubster was out of town all day and I didn't have childcare. I did squeeze in 30 minutes of strength training (which is my normal Sunday workout).

I had some decent runs in there! I feel like I'm turning a corner in my training. My times are improving (11:30 is a "slow" run for me now), my distances are increasing, AND I'm feeling good most of the time. I like the direction I'm headed!

Sixty-two days and counting!

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