Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Suit up!

So. I got one of these.

Voila! Instant Triathlete: Just add water!
(Sorry about the low-fi cell phone pic.)

My buddy Kristina gave me a smoking deal on her extra, too-big tri suit and I snatched it up before she had the chance to change her mind. I feel amazing in it--almost like I know what the heck I'm doing. Almost. I love the thing. It fits perfectly, although it's not as flattering from the side, where you can see my flabby belly, as it is from the angle in the pic above. But it's comfortable, light, and does the job, so there you go. And if it's true that the clothes make the (wo)man, then I'm a pro! :)

I had the opportunity to test it out Sunday (nothing like waiting 'til the last minute, right?), when Kristina and I attempted our own mini tri. We set up transition areas and everything and got in a nice OWS, short ride and even shorter run. But we hit all the disciplines, which was my goal, and I got a chance to test out my suit and my transition set-up. I think that was just what I needed to settle my nerves and organize everything in my brain.

Since this is technically taper week, I'm aiming for a couple of light runs this week, maybe a pool swim if I find that I have the time. But since my flight leaves crazy early Friday, I really only have three more days before I leave, and some of that time will be taken up by gathering, packing, and well, regular life. We'll see what I actually have time to do between now and Thursday night.

Yesterday the race organizers emailed the race guide along with a document showing our bib numbers (1096), wave assignments (Buddy Wave 5, wave 17 of 18 overall) and start time (8:48am). I guess that means this is really going to happen! The race guide sort of blew my mind in a not so good way. It was information overload, to say the least. I'll be relying on M to help me recognize and process the important things and and also to steer me away from the items that I don't need to worry about (or are common sense). I'm trusting that once I'm in the moment, it'll all make sense and fall into place.

So, as M would say, only "3 more sleeps" until I hit that plane for the Twin Cities! I can't wait to see my friends, visit a new city, and experience a new adventure! Hooray!

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