Monday, August 29, 2011

Next up

What's that looming on the horizon? Why, it's another sprint triathlon! Yes, I registered for a second tri. Sunday, September 18, Kristina and I will participate in the Northwest YMCA Inside Out Triathlon in Wichita.

Looking at results from previous years' events, it seems to be a very small race (under 100 participants), which is making me feel rather anxious. I'd much prefer several hundred other folks I could hide amongst, not to mention the higher the number of racers the less likely I am to come in DFL. But DFL is better than DNS, right? That's what I'm telling myself, anyway. Still, I'm nervous and hoping I don't look like a fool. I'm picturing 95 members of the Wichita Tri Club

On the positive side, I'm excited about the course itself. The swim is a POOL swim and only 400y. Hooray! The bike is only 12 miles, which will seem like a breeze after the previous tri's 15.5-miler. Since the race is in Wichita, both the bike and the run course will be flat, flat, flat. And since the race is in Wichita--my husband's hometown--I might have a few supporters cheering me on. It sounds like my parents will make the drive down from their town, I have plenty of in-laws who live in Wichita who could come watch (whether they will is a different matter), and best of all, my husband and daughter will be in town with me. I hope they'll get up and out of the house early enough to watch.

So, for the next three weeks, I'll be concentrating on triathlon stuff again--focusing on pool swims vs OWS (thank the Lord), getting back on the bike (I haven't been on a ride since the Y tri) and trying to hold steady on my runs (damn this weather!).

And after that? Well, if I tell you now, what will I talk about later?

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