Thursday, March 24, 2011


As best I can tell from my records, it was about this time last year that I logged my first slow running miles using the C25K program. Little did I know that those steps would lead to where I am now.

Nearly 40 pounds lighter.

Five 5Ks under my belt and counting.

In training for my first half marathon.

Registered for my first sprint triathlon.

Preparing for my first 12k race this Saturday.

Becoming part of a welcoming, encouraging community of runners of all shapes, sizes, ages, levels.

Finding something that I never thought I'd enjoy and realizing now I can't imagine my life without it.

Wondering why in the hell it took me so damn long to get here.

Knowing I'll never go back.

This morning I ran a 5.3-mile run at 5:30am with some of the friends who encouraged me when I was first starting out. I cruised through the run, holding back a little to stay with the other ladies. If you'd have told the 366-day-ago me that one day I'd finish and enjoy a 5-mile run, I'd have laughed in your face. I've come a long way, baby.

What a difference a year makes. I can hardly wait to see what this year brings.

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