Friday, February 24, 2012


Sheesh. I can't believe it's been nearly two months since posted anything. Bad blogger! Bad! I have no excuse for my absence other than sheer laziness and the lack of anything noteworthy to talk about. I have been doing a few things, but nothing that seemed worth mentioning at the time.

I'll try to hit the highlights...forgive me if I've already mentioned any of these. I'm forgetful in my old age. ;)
  • I bought myself a Garmin 305 for my birthday. I got a sweet deal from a friend who sold me her NIB model (that sat in her house unopened for a year) for a cool $50. I love it! I do tend to get numbers-obsessed, yes, but so far I haven't felt as though the constant knowledge of my pace/time/etc. is becoming a burden. It's certainly coming in handy on long runs, as it reduces some of the need to have to plan a route. And yes, I love seeing my splits and all that other run-nerd stuff.
  • I survived 5 weeks of grueling small-group workout sessions with the best trainer in town. One session had us completing at least 7 different styles of burpees (did you even KNOW there were multiple styles?), for a total of about 130 in one hour. Each hour (once a week) left me feeling exhausted in that "oh my gosh, I just worked my ass off and I LOVE IT" way. I had to bow out of the current session due to financial and time constraints, but I really miss the group of ladies in the class, the trainer and the killer workout. I just haven't been able to achieve that same level of intensity on my own. I hope I can join back up again once my spring races are over.
  • K and I are in Week 5 of our half marathon training program and everything seems to be going well. We haven't been able to connect at all on weekdays to do any short runs or cross-training together, but we've been keeping up our weekend long runs and those are fantastic. We're scheduled for 8 miles this weekend and I'm already looking forward to it! 
  • Speaking of K, one of the reasons we haven't been able to connect much is because she is full-on CrossFit lady now. I'm working up the nerve to check out their intro class, which meets Tuesday evenings at 7:30. I admit that I had some misconceptions about CF and was leery of their methods and whether or not the style would be a good fit for me. But K loves it and I know she and I share similar thoughts about fitness, so I figure might as well give it a shot. I hope we can work out a time/day when we can be both there at the same time so someone can hold my hand. I'm scared!
  • So, I, uh, might have registered for a sprint triathlon. Yeah, I know. I totally remember saying this. What can I say? I'm a sucker for local, women-only races! Originally K was going to join me but the race filled before she could register. I admit to panicking when I found out she wasn't able to get in (she's on the waiting list), as I still feel like I need a race buddy. But I'm trying to tell myself that it's time to race on my own two feet and that I don't always need to have someone next to me all the time. Yes, I still have my crappy bike, and yes, I still plan to use it in the race unless I find a better one on the cheap. Luckily the race isn't until the end of July so I have plenty of time to train and build up my confidence. Or panic. 
In a few nutshells, that's what I've been up to the past few weeks. A lot of great workouts, a lot more on the horizon!

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